Friday, July 24, 2009

Remain in Light

Remain in Light is the fourth album by Talking Heads, released in 1980. The album was greeted with much critical acclaim and praise, and was the last Talking Heads album produced by Brian Eno. Even though the band has many critically acclaimed albums, Remain in Light is widely considered their magnum opus. Featuring funky African polyrhythms, the album became an influential post punk, world music and New Wave recording.

As a result of its polyrhythmic architecture and collaborative, funk-driven songs, Remain in Light compelled Talking Heads to include seven additional musicians, including guitarist Adrian Belew and Funkadelic keyboardist Bernie Worrell, on their concert tour in support of the album.

The final track on the album, "The Overload", was Talking Heads' attempt to emulate the sound of the band Joy Division. This effort was made in spite of the fact that no one in the band had actually heard the music of Joy Division. Rather, it was based on an idea of what Joy Division might sound like, based on descriptions of their music in the press.

The album cover and liner notes were created by the notable graphic designer, Tibor Kalman. Kalman based the cover artwork on the life story of Tina Weymouth, with a fleet of planes on the back cover connected with her childhood as the daughter of a traveling U.S. Navy admiral with an aviation background, and digitally distorted faces of the band members representing her at-the-time current status as a member of the band and the electro-centric direction the band had taken.

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