Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Mynah Birds

The Mynah Birds were a R&B band based in Toronto, Ontario in the 1960s. Although the band never released an album, it is famous as one of the earliest efforts of a number of musicians who went on to be hugely successful.

The Mynah Birds grew out of a 1964 group called the Sailorboys, fronted by Jimmy Livingstone and also including guitarist Ian Goble, drummer Rick Cameron, organist John Goadsby and bass player Nick St. Nicholas, soon joined by Rick James.

Over its short lifespan, the group featured a surprisingly large number of artists in its many different configurations. Its most memorable lineup included future funk star Rick James, Rickman Mason, John Taylor and future folk-rock music stars Neil Young and Bruce Palmer, both of whom went on to form Buffalo Springfield. Earlier members included Goldie McJohn, who like Nick St Nicholas, was later in rock band Steppenwolf. As well, a late-running 1967 version of The Mynah Birds featured noted folk-rocker Bruce Cockburn.

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