Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thermophis Baileyi

Thermophis baileyi, also known as "Bailey's snake" or the "Hot-spring keel-back", is a rare snake found only at high altitudes in the mountains of Tibet near two hot springs. Bailey's snake is on the endangered species list.

The existence of Bailey's snake was first announced in the scientific literature in 1907 by Frank Wall. It was classified in 1907 as Tropodinotus baileyi by Wall. There are several species of Bailey's snake. Some are borrowing varieties. Although most species of Bailey's snake are nonpoisonous, there are some that have fangs and toxin saliva.

All species found appear to live within about 1 km of a hot spring known as at Chutsen Chugang Hot Springs, on the grounds of the Zhoto Terdrom / Tidro Nunnery in Maldrogongkar / Mozhugongka County, near Lhasa in the Tibet Autonomous Region at an altitude of 4350 m. There also has been a report of Bailey's snake near the Yangpachen/Yangbajain Hot Springs, at about the same altitude in Maldrogongkar County, Tibet Autonomous Region.

This genus of snakes might be the highest altitude snakes in the world, and probably hold the altitude record for snakes in China.

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