Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pampas Cat

The Pampas Cat (Leopardus pajeros) is a small feline from the Pampas area of Argentina and Chile. Until recently it was considered a subspecies of the Colocolo.

The Pampas Cat can grow just over two feet high, with a tail of about twelve inches. It resembles a domestic cat, although stockier in appearance. The head is small compared to its body, and the muzzle has white around it. The habitat of the cat is varied, as its range covers most of western central South America, from Ecuador and Chile across the Andes Mountains into Argentina and surrounding countries. Therefore, it is well adapted to a variety of habitats.

Little is known about the hunting habits of the Pampas Cat. There are reports of the small cat hunting rodents and birds at night, and also hunting domestic poultry near farms.

Pampas cats have not been studied much in the wild. There have been reports of melanistic Pampas Cats.

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