Tuesday, October 4, 2011

50 Metre Rifle Prone

50 metre rifle prone is an International Shooting Sport Federation event, based on the traditional English Match. The match consists of 60 shots from the prone position with a .22 Long Rifle (5.6 mm) caliber rifle. The time limit is 75 minutes for the entire match including sighting shots, or 90 minutes if there is a need to compensate for slow scoring systems.

Only the men's event is included on the Olympic program and thus includes a final for the top eight competitors, where the score zones are divided into tenths, giving up to 10.9 points for each shot. The final consists of ten shots, with a time limit of 45 seconds per shot. The competition is won by the shooter who reaches the highest aggregate score (qualification + final, maximum 709.0).

The women's event is not Olympic but included in both the ISSF and the CISM World Championships. As there is no final, shooters with the same score are separated by a number of tie-breaking criteria, the first being the number of inner tens. Women's rifles may weigh up to 6.5 kilograms (14 lb), as opposed to 8 kilograms (18 lb) for men, but after the switch from standard rifles to sport rifles this is now the only difference in equipment.

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