Sunday, March 4, 2012

Far Out Space Nuts

Far Out Space Nuts is a Sid and Marty Krofft children's television series starring Bob Denver as Junior, a seemingly dim-witted but uniquely clever maintenance worker employed by NASA, and Chuck McCann as Barney, his grumpy, short-tempered co-worker. Patty Maloney played Honk, their furry friend who made horn sounds instead of speaking. One of only two Krofft series produced exclusively for CBS (the second being 1984's Pryor's Place), Far Out Space Nuts aired in 1975 for one season, and produced 16 episodes. Like most children's television shows of the era, Far Out Space Nuts contained a laugh track.

Like most of the Kroffts' productions, the show's opening sequence provides the setup of its fanciful premise: While loading food into various compartments to prepare a rocket for an upcoming mission, Barney instructs Junior to hit the "lunch" button, but Junior mistakenly hits the "launch" button. The rocket blasts off and takes them on various misadventures on alien planets.

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